He watches television every night.

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In a packed bus, it would infuriate me to miss my stop on account of other passengers.

Let me introduce you to my wife.

The world is changing every minute.


The problem resolved itself.

Alf wants to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Let him answer.

Ilya is a well-informed person.

Skef wondered why he had never seen Benson here before.


Lisa insisted that she didn't do it.

What is it you want me to do?

I was attacked by a homeless man on the streets.


OK, that's enough for today.

I like light colors.

My father recently quit smoking.

Earnie tried to solve the problem, but couldn't.

We were trying to protect him.


The little boy struggled to free himself from the policeman.

That's difficult to explain.

They are so irrelevant.


There are exactly two goblins who each hate every wizard.

I'd like to die of old age.

Only miserable and inglorious death awaits you here.

Claire is angry now.

On the whole, Canada has a severe climate.

This has been instilled into them.

I left my coat here last night.

Kumi did not make a box.

My cousin invited me to her big birthday party.

Who would like to go first?

Sanford is hardly moving.

There is a fork here.

I think you should buy it.

I live in a small apartment.

Does genetic engineering improve nature?

Clear away the table things.

By the time I was born, all my grandparents had died.


Do you have any idea what's been going on?

These are the names of the people I'm looking for.

Good films broaden our horizons.

He took part in the expedition.

That's why we moved to Boston.

How many meaningful sentences can Tatoeba contain?

I didn't know you were here.


How about making me a cup of tea?


Patricio rowed the boat across the lake.

Something bit me.

I've always respected them.


Our cat is in the kitchen.

I'm fixing dinner.

A lot of people drink coffee black with sugar.

He's trying to commit suicide.

We swerved as the lorry crashed past. It was a close thing.


He has already done my homework.

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I know now there are no limits.

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I don't want him in my house.

She dug a hole.

Usually, when I watch movies, I eat popcorn and drink cola. But, next time, I'm going to eat candy.

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Everybody tells me their problems.

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Of course you can trust me. Have I ever given you a bum steer before?


He is weaving a carpet.

He isn't able to read.

You should know it.


Valentin smelled something.


Japanese is my mother tongue.


Why are you throwing those things in the fire?

Nothing is the matter with me.

Enjoy your trip.


If you have a lot of money, you will become afraid.


She ate well.

He caught a big one.

Who is better able to run the bed-and-breakfast business than Mr. and Mrs. Jackson?


Everything happened the way Michiel predicted it would.

The boy found the big box contained nothing but old newspapers.

Hein won a gold medal.

A boy ran up to me.

Matthew looked at Lance and so did John.

Jarvis isn't young.

I agree with that opinion.

Before working here, Gregor was a police officer for thirteen years.

This is the first time I've ever pronounced this word correctly.

I feel differently about this.

I made an apple pie for dessert.

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Malcolm was brave.

Tobias can be a little chatty.

My mother used to be into tennis.

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Deborah is a solar photovoltaic panel installer.

Why are so many pincushions made to like a tomato?

Our company's headquarters are in Tokyo.

Is this your first time eating Japanese food?

Osiris, Anubis, and Horus are some of the most famous ancient Egyptian deities.

The water of this sea is black.

Don't tell my husband.


The largest continent on Earth is Asia.

I tried to reason with Alan.

Jesus couldn't find anyone for the job.


Raghu has a lot of black and white pictures of his grandparents.

You have an hour.

How did you get to the stadium?


Sometimes I make mistakes.

He rounded off his speech with a famous proverb.

Olson's awake.

She still buys milk.

Have you seen Liz anywhere?

It's better to be a winner than a loser.

I know I can do better.

Please turn the car around.

Cathryn closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.


I don't generally go out of the house to want to see other people.


Dan was touched by Linda's story.


You should know better than to ask a lady her age.

He tried to convince them of his innocence.

Do you know me? - No, I don't.

I know how to handle Jacobson.

A piece of paper got stuck in the printer and, when I tried to remove it, it ripped.

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He flatly rejected that idea.


Christopher is ready to help.


Harry bought a squirrel magnet and put it on the fridge.

He sent me a letter asking if the book had reached me.

I'm used to that.


Several companies currently produce cosmetic products containing extracts of animal placenta.


My neighbor renovated her house completely.


As far as I know, the book has never been translated into Japanese.

If you do anything at all, do it well.

Teri seems determined.


She watched the children playing in the brook.


This is what Billie does for a living.

Have you counted the towels?

They are doctors.

What would you like to be in the future?

Jean-Christophe was hypnotized.

This is the video I wanted to see.

She was never heard speaking ill of others.

How long does it take to get to the stadium?

I want my country to win.

Sandip took some money out of his wallet and gave it to Leora.

Screw the rules; I have money!


We don't get many visitors here.

What's kept you?

Credit relaxation is considered necessary to shore up business.

I'm sure everything will work out in the end.

I don't like that kind of music.

Erik is tired of waiting in line.

He disguised himself as a peasant and infiltrated the walled city.

I'm interested in buying it.

When you rob a bank, you go to jail. When a bank robs you, they hand out bonuses.


I'm here because of you.

I thought I'd have another drink.

We can definitely find a cab to take us to the station.

Take no chances.

I have to water the flowers.

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Everything is going to turn out OK.


Brenda deserved the punishment he got.


It reminds me of Gilles.


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